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Some lovely words ... which I am grateful for ...


"Sandra's understanding of the body helps makes her style of teaching extremely powerful & effective. I've been a regular osteopath visitor after having a baby, and since starting her classes, I haven't had to go! Both the passive and dynamic stretches feel perfectly balanced and she is corrective throughout the class to ensure you don't push yourself beyond your ability. I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and I can honestly say this is the best class I've taken. Her studio space is serene and feels very intimate with no more than 6 to a class, for the same price as what you'd pay in a class of 20 at a big yoga studio. Sandra is also very welcoming and has a lovely calming energy. Can't recommend enough!"

Hatha Yoga, google review, by Kirsty A., Feb 2015



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"I attended Sandra's Mummy and Me yoga classes from the moment my baby was 6 weeks old. Sandra is a lovely person and a great yoga teacher. She knew exactly what yoga positions were best at such an early postnatal period and she suggested great breathing techniques to help me relax. She fully understood struggles of new mothers and made all of us feel really relaxed. Her studio is really peaceful and light and my baby felt really quiet and calm which enabled me to have a bit of a gentle workout and so desperately needed 'me time'. I would highly recommended Sandra's classes to any new mother."

Mummy & Me Yoga Class, google review, by Eva K., Mar 2015



"Calmest Birth Prep and Post-partem Oasis: Sandra teaches from her lovely calm home studio in small groups. I felt really supported during the classes and found the yoga breathing techniques and movement incredibly useful during birth. Sandra also offers support postnatally. She teaches a fantastic postnatal (Mummy & Me) class which is such a break. Part of the class is focused on the babies unfurling after the birth. As a busy mum of two she really understands the importance of building up core strength and practicing strategies for avoiding back injuries as well as relaxing where possible. Sandra really cares about her students and is genuinely interested in their progress into motherhood."

Pregnancy Yoga, Mummy & Me Yoga, yogahub review, by Gwen M., Oct 2013




posture and areas I need to work on and after her class I feel my muscles are stretched and my mind is focused and I am "set for the week"Thanks Sandra!"

Private Client, One-to-One Sessions, 'Yoga for Runners', google review, by Dawn B., June 2015



"I've suffered from back ache since having my children 14 years ago. I had been practicing pilates for the last 5 years together with a PT for core strengthening.  However, I still suffered from the frequent back flare ups, which were crippling.  I turned to yoga with Sandra a year ago.  Pilates and yoga has ensured my back is in better condition than it has been in a very long time.  Yoga truly is mind, body and soul.  Both my children occasionally do yoga with Sandra and love the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere she offers in her home studio.  I couldn't recommend Sandra highly enough!"

Private Client, One-to-One sessions & Family Yoga, google review, by Nina G., July 2015


"I joined Sandra when I was roughly 16 weeks pregnant. She welcomed me to the group and supported me the whole way through my pregnancy. I was new to yoga, Sandra guided me through positions and often tailored the class to individual needs. It's a wonderful class, a good balance of yoga and calmness. Time to reflect and be thankful for the little humans we are/were carrying. Sandra helped prepare me for labour with various breathing techniques, she also recommend books to read. Once I had the baby I went to her mummy and baby class. Sandra once again, supported everyone and is fantastic at helping with the babies to allow you to relax and practise postitions. Plus each class ends with tea and cake :)

Sandra is a kind, caring and supportive teacher. She is very knowledgable and has your best interest at heart. She offers great advice and guides you through pregnancy, as well as new motherhood. I'm sad my time has now ended with her but I will definitely be returning when baby number 2 comes along!"

Pregnancy Yoga, Mummy & Me Yoga, Yoga Trail review by Laura T., Feb 2016


"I had a serious car accident in my late teens and have been struggling with the repercussions ever since (now in my fifties). Sandra is the first health professional I’ve met who I feel truly understands the overall physical impact of my injuries. Her personal, holistic and knowledgeable approach is transforming and life affirming. Highly recommended."

Private Client, One-to-One sessions, by Leo who's had a hip replacement, May 2016


"Sandra's lessons are AMAZING. Thanks to Sandra, my pregnancy and labour went smoothly. She is a wonderful teacher that I highly recommend."

Pregnancy Yoga, Mummy & Me Yoga, google review by Mel C., April 2016


I've been attending Sandra's classes since I was 18 weeks and what a gem of a find they turned out to be! The classes are just fantastic - for any ability (I've never done yoga before). My back pain was gone after a couple of weeks and my PGD pains improved significantly. The classes have given me a lot more confidence in my body, improved my posture, flexibility, made me feel much more positive and calm about birthing experience and I was feeling great throughout my pregnancy. Sandra is a fantastic instructor, patient, very supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!! and I can't wait to come back to do baby yoga with her!

Pregnancy Yoga, Mummy & Me Yoga, google review by Maria A., July 2016



I did yoga with Sandra from mid-way through my pregnancy and then graduated to mother and baby yoga. The classes have been absolutely brilliant, I'd encourage every pregnant woman and new mother to try them even if you've not done yoga before. Unlike other classes I had tried which felt crowded and impersonal, Sandra takes time with all the students (and babies!) to support them. Becoming a mother for the first time is not a walk in the park, so to find this uniquely nurturing and relaxed environment has been an enormous help, I wish everyone could have access to classes like this.

Pregnancy Yoga, Mummy & Me Yoga, google review by Charm WS., Oct 2016


Sandra is a wonderfully warm and caring yoga teacher who has gently guided me through my pregnancy and the first 5 months of my baby's life. Her beautiful studio is calm and serene and her sessions help you to slow down, take stock and relax. I always leave her classes feeling like I have had time to remember to look after myself (not always easy with a small baby!) and she has also been a huge support to me though some difficult times with my baby. The pregnancy yoga and the breathing techniques were very helpful to me during labour and her post natal classes are a lovely way to gently reconnect with exercise - and to meet other local mums. Thank you so much, Sandra, for your wisdom, guidance, support and friendship.

Pregnancy Yoga,  Mummy & Me Yoga, google review, Jess B., Oct 2016



"I am a runner and have almost shied away from yoga over the years as I felt it was something I just couldn't do or wasn't very good at.  About a year ago, I started practising yoga with Sandra as I needed some balance for my running and the process has been transformative. Sandra has an intuitive sense of her client's individual needs and strengths and this intuition is underpinned by an impressive knowledge of yoga philosophy and anatomy that helps to easily pin point trouble spots.  Her classes flow naturally and her style is gentle, yet assured.  I now feel much more focused on my

An Accidental Homebirth - Frank & his Amazing Mum Bea


I live in Stepney and every week I make the hour-long journey to Tufnell Park to practise yoga with Sandra. I have done this from the sixteenth week of my pregnancy up to now; my baby (Frank) is twelve weeks old. Sandra thanks me every week for coming and repeatedly urges me not to, asking why I travel so far for something available ten minutes from my house, worrying about me not meeting local mums. Now she's asked me to write why.


Aside from her expertise in yoga and eagle-eye on all the problems in the way I stand (rib cage pushed forward, knees locked inward) Sandra has provided me with an environment of nurturing calm, meditative relaxation, and fierce support that has been a mainstay and essential prop throughout the world-altering experience that is pregnancy and childbirth. With the other brilliant mums who congregate in her home every week, I'm reminded by Sandra every week to look after and nourish myself, to ground my feet to find strength, and to be grateful for everything that enables me to be where I am.


I gave birth to Frank at home, by mistake, surprised by a lighting-quick labour. The paramedics arrived with ten minutes to spare. I lay back, breathed, and stretched; then I squatted, kneeled, and roared. I forgot everything I had read about birth, but my body remembered the positions and the courage I'd learned in yoga.


Sandra always says mothers are the crucible of society, that the criticism and shame that so often surround giving birth and raising children damage everyone. But it doesn't have to be like that. I don't think any woman has to 'prepare' for birth or motherhood, it's all within. But it took me meeting and knowing Sandra to realise it was in me.

June 2016




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