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Yoga with Sandra

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Moving to Health & Stillness


Pregnancy is a special time. As a holistic practice, yoga may help support your pregnancy & birth and restore you postnatally in new motherhood. It takes a village to raise a child, so come meet other mums-to-be, stretch & strengthen, relax & renew and balance body and mind. Its a rare privilege to share this rite of passage with over 700 babies and their beautiful mums over the last 14 years. 


Classes are small and friendly on Saturdays at 11 am in my lovely, calm and fully equipped home studio near Tufnell Park, Islington (1.15 hrs). A strong advocate of continuity of care, I hope to support you through your pregnancy and postnatally too.


'Mothering the mother', you will receive individual care, nurture and nourishment in a small and safe space. Unlike a studio, it is my home. All equipment will be provided for your comfort & joy. In-person: £19, zoom £15. Space is limited for social distancing so please reserve your space before you come. I offer concessions, please call to discuss.


I trained to teach pregnancy yoga with the amazing Uma Dinsmore-Tulli (Yoga Campus & Sitaram). Wholeheartedly committed to sharing the benefits of yoga for all women at all stages of their lives, I warmly welcome you.

Since 2019, I've included Spinning Babies methods in my classes. Spinning Babies prioritizes physiology before force. I became a Body Ready Method (BRM) certified trainer in Feb 2022 which deepens my skills in utilising an evidence based approach to balance the body in pregnancy and prepare for birth. BRM draws on Spinning Babies techniques, bio-mechanical principles, observation & intuitive understanding to encourage optimal foetal positioning (more space for baby to navigate) for easier births through movement and alignment.

In 2017, I completed my doula training with Dr. Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers who are pioneers of the doula movement and homebirth in the UK. I am also trained to offer Hypno Yoga for Birth (2016) since training with Janine Hurley and Lynne Tomlinson who are hypnotherapists within the NHS. 


Where appropriate, my classes include touch therapy. I trained with Suzanne Yates (Shiatzu for Midwifery, 2018) and Mindful Rebozo (wrapping) techniques with Sophie Messanger (2019).


Core integration/rehabilitation and pelvic floor work are always included for a balanced, supple, and responsive core & pelvic floor. Do take a look at my bio for background on my additional training in this area. Through movement and awareness, we can address diastasis recti, incontinence issues, and hyper/hypo tonic issues though I will refer you onto a women's health physio if required.

As a Certified Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, I offer SB® Birth Preparation Classes where you learn solutions to support your pregnancy and birth through better foetal positioning. Ideal from 26 to 32 weeks. 


I also offer Partner Yoga sessions for Labour & Birth. These sessions will help prepare partners to support the birth itself. They include breath techniques, movement and positioning, elements of hypnotherapy, and touch/massage for birth. Ideal from 36 weeks onwards. Please email to enquire. No need to have attended my classes previously but useful.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes



“A strong intention,

a relaxed body and an open mind

are the main ingredients for an active birth.”

Janet Balaskas


Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Classes & Partner Yoga for Birth Sessions are Available on Request

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